D018 RM Francis Tape

RM Francis, Attributed Agency
DRAFT D018 / TAPE / Edition of 100

The second release by RM Francis, entitled Attributed Agency, is a set of hyperkinetic computer synthesis explorations. Derived from two complex patches, this set of iterative tracks utilize algorithmic techniques that create a tension between automated progressions and compositional impulse. Francis exploits this tension, allowing the computer to realize an accelerated event density within the music...

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D013 RM Francis Tape

RM Francis, Microtopies
DRAFT D013 / TAPE / Edition of 100

RM Francis debuts his first solo release, Microtopies. Using the computer to generate software patches and process hacked thrift-store keyboards, Francis layers time-stretched timbres that aimlessly warble within odd, congealed masses of compressed texture. Sound surfaces reveal the micro-artifacts inherent in digital audio processes, which take on a life of their own. These sounds are then crafted into rich, miniature sound worlds that seem as organic as they do chemical. Ghostly meditations lift, weightlessly shape-shifting, gently deposited into cloudy pools of resonance...

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D012 Matt Carlson LP 01

Matt Carlson, Particle Language
DRAFT D012 / LP / Edition of 500

DRAFT is pleased to announce the release of Matt Carlson’s solo debut LP release, Particle Language. Carlson advances his signature electronic compositions, venturing into weirder, tweaked realms of morphing synthesis and bent perception. Embedded with outsider music reference points and metaphysical undercurrents...

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