DRAFT D001 / TAPE / Edition of 150

Swedish electronic music project FRAK has been releasing experimental music since 1987. Back then, their first release jump started Börft Records, initiated by Jan Svensson. Twenty-three years later, in homage to Börft, FRAK's most recent release launches DRAFT.

Bouncing back and forth between techno, electro, and sound collage, FRAK approaches dance music from an alien perspective. As experimentalists and DJs in their own right, FRAK tends to teeter on the edge between minimal beat driven music and frenetic tendencies often associated with noise music.

Essentially two tapes in one, FRAK offers up a tape of underground, schizoid dance music, produced by the classic FRAK lineup: Birre, Zwarre and Sture. Keeping true to the DIY tradition of recording to 4-track, FRAK's tape is a hybrid of analog and digital recording: side A's Dry Vanadis was recorded to a 4-track analog cassette recorder, while side B's Tournament City was recorded to a 4-track digital recorder.

[C60 TAPE :: pro-dubbed, imprinted, edition of 150]

Artist website: see BÖRFT or Frak Discography

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