D012 Matt Carlson LP 01


Matt Carlson, Particle Language
DRAFT D012 / LP / Edition of 500

DRAFT is pleased to announce the release of Matt Carlson’s solo debut LP release, Particle Language. Following up his stellar solo works for Gift Tapes, including Stereo Face and Gecko Dream Levels, Carlson advances his signature electronic compositions, venturing into weirder, tweaked realms of morphing synthesis and bent perception. Particle Language guides the listener through an effervescent cauldron of unstable energies and molten, robotic detritus into a shifting stereoized vacuum-space. Sounds effortlessly arch and skim this reflective pathway, propelling us into the depths of our unconscious minds. Embedded with outsider music reference points and metaphysical undercurrents, Carlson’s modular synthesizer mastery and ingenious use of tape and vocoder has unearthed grey-void atmospheres overflowing with otherworldly aural apocrypha—a uniquely warped vision.

Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk.

[40m LP :: DMM pressing / full color jacket & labels with insert, edition of 500]

Artist website: bucketfactory.com


Matt Carlson Particle Language, DRAFT D012
40m LP
Direct Metal Mastering pressing,full color jacket/labels with insert, edition of 500

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D012 Matt Carlson LP 01 D012 Matt Carlson LP 01 D012 Matt Carlson LP 01

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