RM Francis, Microtopies
DRAFT D013 / TAPE / Edition of 125

Newcomer RM Francis debuts his first solo release, Microtopies, a meticulously constructed set of works that took an entire year to complete. Using the computer to generate software patches and process hacked thrift-store keyboards, Francis layers time-stretched timbres that aimlessly warble within odd, congealed masses of compressed texture. Sound surfaces reveal the micro-artifacts inherent in digital audio processes, which take on a life of their own. These sounds are then crafted into rich, miniature sound worlds that seem as organic as they do chemical. Ghostly meditations lift, weightlessly shape-shifting, gently deposited into cloudy pools of resonance. At times melodic, at times academic, this hybrid of automated sounds and finely tuned craftsmanship leads to a fresh approach, and an excellent listen.

[C42 TAPE :: pro-dubbed, imprinted, edition of 125]

Artist website: rmfrancis.tumblr.com


RM Francis Microtopies, DRAFT D013
42 minute audio cassette
edition of 125

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