Lander 5,
Epiphyte Hall
DRAFT D014 / TAPE / Edition of 125

Over the past year, Operative founder Scott Goodwin has unveiled a continuous stream of new projects, including his duo VEPA with Pete Swanson, the polyrhythmic house project Polonaise, and his latest solo outing Lander 5. Epiphyte Hall showcases Goodwin's gift for creating innovative, rhythmic synthesizer music that feels as rooted in classic minimalism as it does house music. Constructed with analog and digital FM synths, digital effects and a sequencer, Epiphyte Hall delivers two analog-heavy cuts that gallop and scramble through an array of pulses and abstract timbres.

Recorded in Portland 2011.

[C20 TAPE :: pro-dubbed, imprinted, edition of 125]

Artist website: impeccablesurface.blogspot.com/

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