RM Francis, Attributed Agency
DRAFT D018 / TAPE / Edition of 100

The second release by RM Francis, entitled Attributed Agency, is a set of hyperkinetic computer synthesis explorations. Derived from two complex patches, this set of iterative tracks utilize algorithmic techniques that create a tension between automated progressions and compositional impulse. Francis exploits this tension, allowing the computer to realize an accelerated event density within the music. Segments of computer generated synthesis and phase vocoding are then produced, sampled, and manipulated with an overt attempt to move away from traditional music techniques that are culturally encoded with emotional cues. In this way, Attributed Agency diverges from his previous work Microtopies, which relied more on traditional cadence, harmony, and resolution. These highly abstract works venture into the negative space where automatic animism meets animistic automatism. Individual sounds, each with their own agenda, collide with one another through fields of attraction and repulsion, as if two robots consulted a Ouija board.

Artist website: rmfrancis.tumblr.com

[C35 TAPE :: pro-dubbed, imprinted, edition of 100]

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