Seth Nehil, Lair
DRAFT D020 / TAPE / Edition of 100

Seth Nehil’s innovative approaches to sound and music has caught the attention of DRAFT over the past few years. His involvement with performance, dance, theater and installation all seem to inform his sound output, imparting his work with an extremely acute sense of space, dynamics and movement.

Lair consists of a set of meticulously edited studio constructions composed of metallic rattles and impacts, vocal whoops and grunts, and digital silence. Nehil’s exceedingly refined use of digital editing techniques gives way to jagged repetitive structures, arrhythmic punk and wild cinematic spaces. Percussive elements are fused together, extracted from found objects, field recordings, synthetic tones, crashes, and drum machine thuds. Nehil filters the textures of hip hop, electronic, industrial and noise through the craft of musique concrete and sound design. These miniatures serve as a more synthetic and noisy partner to Knives (released in 2009 on Senufo); Lair is a darker, more ominous listen.

Seth Nehil: instruments, objects, manipulations

Gabi Villaseñor: vocals A3, B4, synth A3; Taryn Tomasello: vocals B1, B4; Matt Carlson: analogue synth B2; Kelly Rauer: vocals B2; Mary Sutton, Thomas Thorson, Jordan Dykstra, Warren Lee: strings B2; Stephanie Demopulos: piano B3

Artwork is a photograph by Harrison Higgs.

Artist website: sethnehil.artdocuments.org

[C26 TAPE :: pro-dubbed, imprinted, edition of 100]

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