Matt Carlson & RM Francis

Matt Carlson

A few months back DRAFT’s sister-label Gift Tapes presented a night of music at Seattle’s Chapel Performance space that featured two solo performers: Matt Carlson & RM Francis (May 13, 2011).  GT managed to convince a friend to help document the event so we could share it with you.

Matt Carlson (also a member of Golden Retriever) performed on modular synthesizer, vocoder and an array of delays effects, generating massive fields of bugged-out electronic sound.  Here is his set in its entirety – solo modular synth for 46 minutes!

Matt Carlson at The Chapel Performance Space, Seattle from Ian Halloran on Vimeo.

RM Francis debuted his solo project that evening, creating real-time works for computer.  His unique approach references early automatic-music, carefully toning self-generating  patches to craft immersive environments of abstract sound.  Here is his set:

RM Francis at The Chapel Performance Space, Seattle from Ian Halloran on Vimeo.

Thanks to Ian Halloran for the videography & editing.

*Keep posted for future DRAFT releases from both artists coming this Summer/Fall.

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  1. Great! Should be more of this! Living on the other side of the world makes it hard to go to shows 🙁

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