Matt Carlson Release Party

Matt Carlson Live December 8, 2011

Yesterday I made the trip down to Portland to see Matt Carlson perform at his release party–and deliver his records!  As to be expected, Carlson delivered a ridiculously shreddy set of atonal burblings, vocoded-squelching, schizophrenic FM drops to the attentive listeners packed inside a local drum shop–part of the Outset Series presented by the Revival Drum Shop and Portland’s Creative Music Guild.  Building upon sparse tones, he sifted through an array of modular techniques, giving rise to punchy, layered collisions of synthesis.  As the piece progressed, he stood up from his hunched position and started ripping into his keyboard, unleashing a fury of tweaked percussives, then leaving us in spinning stereo-void of broken voice cracks and hissing robotics.  Amazing set.

live.dec8.2011 part1 – live.dec8.2011, part 1

live.dec8.2011 part2 – live.dec8.2011, part 2

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